Of finding LOVE 

Love, one of the many things that interests me. I love LOVE. I love that feeling of having a crush. It just gives me tingling  emotions once that person talks to me or interacts with me. I love having someone as an inspiration, even if that person doesnt really know about it. I love thinking about random ideas with someone, even crazy ones. 

I remember back in grade school,  I used to read novels such as Stephanie and/or St. Valley High. Those were the kinds that tackle about highschool life and puppy love. Ohhh Young love, how beautiful you could be!❤️ 

Moving on to my high school  years, I learned to love the works of Nicholas Sparks; A Walk to Remember, the Notebook, Message in a Bottle, etc. Name it, I’ve read it. I was such a big fan of his works and Ive always imagined myself into one of the characters. But really? Who wouldn’t want to have a happily ever after? No one, right? 

And then I started living…of which means sacrifcing, understading, and even hurting also came to terms. But I never stopped loving and never stopped believing that love is love and it has its own magic nobody ever knows.

In my 27 years of existence, I sure have my fairshare of  favorite love stories. One best example is this, 
He was a gamer, somebody whose face is always infront of a computer, talking gebberish to friends who do the same. 

She was complex. She had alot on her plate. One day she does this, the next day she won’t. 

They were miles apart. Distance and time separated them. Continents blocked them. Circumstances challenged them. But LOVE nurtured them. 

They talked for hours, never minding the gap in between. They shared stories of the past and dreams of the future. They talked nonsense too. They believe there were something and then there was not. They were closed to meeting and finally saying “hi” to each other. But she had shaking knees and he had a disappointed heart. They were gone, literally separated from the world they used to start building. It was when time and distance were a bit helpful and one continent opened up its doors, yet circumstances still never allowed them. It was when they thought things could be easier but turned out to be the opposite. There were walls, physical and emotionl gaps between two hearts. There were aggressive minds and sober feelings. There were nothing but ending to yet what they ought was a beautiful beginning. Six years to an end….but NOT really.

Love moves in mysterious ways, as a song goes. Everything that came to an end was actually a start of a beautiful beginning. Her knees weren’t shaking anymore. His heart was already welcoming. 

It was winter when she came. Everything was white except a blue guy on a coat and a trembling red heart of hers…and there it was, finally giving answers to those two minds wondering and two hearts longing. Although as pretty as a winters night with snow flakes flowing, things weren’t easy going on. Snow storm came, like that of the time when they had to be separated again. 

Six years..and while they were enjoying and starting a new chapter of their lives together, they have yet to go back on that first year of their lives; when time and distance were a struggle, continents were a hindrance but circumstances became an inspiration to work on a progressive beginning. 

This is a personal favorite despite not having a climax nor an ending. But like those happily ever after stories ever read and watched, I hope this certain story has its phenomenal ending too, like every person hopes for.