birthday post

They say age is just a number, until you realized – it isnt. It is the amount of years spent figuring out life  – wether you have fought battles worth fighting for or you have chosen to losen the grip of hope.

As for me, 28 is the years I have spent living on and sometimes, trying to live on a day to day basis. There were days I wanted to burst in tears because everything were falling apart and there were days that I have lived a life of contentment and happiness. 28 years may not sound too long but to me, it has been the age of continuous struggle to fight over judgment, happiness, frustrations, hurts and anger all rolled into one. These were the years that defined the woman that I am today.

I look forward to more 28 years of life, hopefully, better and stronger than the Brigitte Grace Remoroza Minoza that  is now.


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