Mijn Lieve Amsterdam 

Life is as beautiful as you sees it to be and as for me, it has never been amazing. 

I’ve spent the last three years of my life; conquering countries, learning languages, understanding cultures, comparing personalities and exploring old beautiful cities in Europe. Thanks to being an au pair. I got to experience all these and more with easy access and limited budget. 

One of the cities I’ve been to is AMSTERDAM.  I haven’t really lived in Amsterdam and I wish I did however, I have spent good quality times exploring and loving this city with the help of my good friends.

Amsterdam is commonly known as the Venice of the North because of its numbered and beautiful canals. I’ve walked around this city for hours and it seemed like canals are really just everywhere. Big,old cobbled buildings are also very prominent and I guess, this is what first drawn me to keep coming back to Amsterdam. (Aside from spending time with friends, OFC) Its structure and architecture just stunned the heck of me. Walking around the city is already a delight to me. I also loved the fact that Amsterdam is a bike city. You’d see bikes everywhere, even on secluded areas. Teens going to school,  adults going to work, tourists exploring and even parents bringing their kids to kindergartens are on bikes. Sure, biking has been a way of life in this city. Aside from this, Amsterdam is also the home to legal prostitution and that addicting green thing called cannabis. I remember the first time I went to the Red Light District, it shocked the hell out of me seeing women of different age groups standing on a glass covered room with only bikinis on. AND mind you when you go to coffee shops because these coffee shops are designed for those who want to be HIGH in the form of coffee and cakes. If you want the legit types though,  rather go to cafes. People say that tourists come to Amsterdam to taste mjs and that could be true since I’ve met a few who were just crazy about their stay.

 As for me, I keep coming back to Amsterdam mainly because of my friends living there. But of course, I got a lot of other reasons why I love being there. Another reason is that, dutch people are one if not the friendliest nationalities I came across in Europe. Dutchies give a smile to you even on the streets, they greet you well in the restaurants or shopping centers, entertain you in the pubs, and even share a chitchat on the trains. Now, that’s one of a trait. 

In the streets of Amsterdam, fries stalls are evitable. Friet special is a personal favorite. It is made of fries, freshly sliced onions and curry sauce and I believe, thats  a must try when in Amsterdam. Crockets and other delicacies are easily available along as well. 

Architecture – check, People – check, Food – check, now whats next? Ambience.

 Generally, I feel that the city of Amsterdam is love.  Every component of this daring city harmonizes each other in such a pretty way. I love how people interact with each other and how they bring about their culture to the world in such a way that you remember it too well. 

Amsterdam has sure alot to offer; from the Red Light District, to musuems and architectures,  up until to large green parks with dikes and windmills and alot more. Truly, something worth loving and appreciating by the World. 

Mijn Lieve Amsterdam, 

Ik hou erg van je. Ik vind het altijd leuk als ik daar bent. Als ik in Europe kan nog komen, ik wil natuurlijk naar jou gaan en misschien heel even blijven. 

Veel Liefst,



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